nature's way of healing

Come and join the series of workshops hosted by Harbour View Centre and presented by Inner Healings.

  • All workshops are $45.00 + HST = $50.85

Workshop #1. Essential Oils
This is the first workshop of the series, it will teach you the differences between the types of essential oils, the advantage of incorporating them into your life and getting you acquainted on creating your own blends. Learn how to smell an oil using mind/body/soul connection for full benefits and a quick over-all effect. Learn how to use your intuitive sense in choosing essential oils and learn how to incorporate a proper combination to ensure the lasting of your scents.  

*You will leave the workshop mixing 3 of your own personalized blends and also create a roll-on blend specialized to support your emotional needs and/or present state of mind. The workshop also introduces you to the Chakra system and the oils associated within each system and the many benefits.

Included: Essential Oil manual and all material needed  

Workshop #2. The Chakra System
The Chakra system translates out our thoughts and feelings from each Chakra and work together simultaneously. The less resistance you have within yourself, the easier it is to attract health, wealth and abundance.

This workshop teaches you how to become more intuitive within yourself, gaining access to your inner world and allowing you more control on and in your life. See what drives you to create obstacles and start to release what’s holding you back. Learn to balance these energies as well as the benefits in doing so. You will leave this workshop with more clarity and a broader sense of perspective on yourself and life.

Included: Chakra card  

Workshop #3. Crystals and Stones
Come and learn the world of healing crystals and stones. Just because you can’t see the object move with the naked eye, it doesn’t mean that it’s not composed of energy. Everything is energy including inanimate objects, atoms are just moving extremely slow.

With every thought and intention, these crystals pick up on our unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive vibes that you’re cultivating. If it’s possible for crystals to communicate through computer chips, then isn’t it possible that this vibrational energy could be transformed in other ways?

Albert Einstein said everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Therefore, if you think crystals have healing potential, the positive vibes of the stones will amplify those thoughts.

Included: Mind/Body/Soul crystals (pendant, ring, tumble stone) 

Workshop #4. Making Essential Oil bracelets with stones for the Chakras
Now that you have gained all the required knowledge and wisdom on essential oils, the Chakra system and crystals, we have the opportunity to combine all that in making a bracelet. The bracelet will have 7 Chakra stones and lava stones to diffuse your essential oils. You will also blend some essential oils and make 3 personalized synergistic blends to diffuse onto your bracelet.

When finished, learn to energize your bracelet in keeping your Chakra’s balanced in the highest and best way.

* All material included * Extra bracelets $15 each 


Presenter: Nancy Lizotte from Inner Healings


  • ThetaHealing® Instructor & Practitioner
  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach
  • Foot Spa Therapy Instructor/Practitioner
  • Holistic Beauty Therapist
  • Certified Nutritional Consultant
  • Certified Intuitive Healer
  • Body Talk Access Technician
  • Teacher's Aide
  • Palliative Care Worker
  • Personal Support Worker

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