Mindful Living with Monique Chénier

We’ve increased the number of participants from 5 to 7, two new rooms available!

• 7 amazing mini-workshops in 24 hours
• 31 days of additional support with guided relaxation recordings, step by step suggestions that will help you remain on your path to positive change, unlimited email access to Monique
• 2 delicious, locally sourced, organic  meals
• Overnight accommodation and a guided walk to a local, scenic attraction
• A very unique experience that you will share with only 4 other women 

This October 13th and 14th, spend a “home away from home” day and night in scenic Haileybury at the Harbour View Wellness Centre  where you’ll learn to recharge and rejuvenate with Mindful Living Coach and Clinical Hypnotist Monique Chénier.

During the REVITALIZE THE REAL YOU!  retreat, you will discover:
- What’s really draining your energy
- How to say no! to those energy vampires
- How to tap into your own personal power
- How to revitalize who you were always meant to be

What you will walk away with:
• Powerful Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Positive Change
• A Daily Energy Healing Routine for Increased Health and Vitality
• Effective Stress Management Strategies That Will Calm Your Body and Focus Your Mind
• A Personalized REVITALIZE THE REAL ME! Action Plan
• 31 Days of Additional Support with Monique’s “Live Well For Life” On

Who is Monique?

Hi, I’m Monique Chenier, owner of MindBodySpirit Integrated Wellness Centre. As a former smoker, drinker, over-thinker and stressed-out mess, I have spent a large part of my adult life learning techniques to free myself from negative patterns. As a Mindful Living Coach, I now draw from all that I have learned through my study and practice of Writing, Hypnosis, Yoga, Buddhism, Meditation, and Energy Healing, to help others reconnect with their true nature and release the burdens of the past. 

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interview with Monique Chenier

Question #1


How many years have you been practicing Mindfulness and what does Mindful mean to you?

Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Question #2


It is mentioned that if you attend this retreat, you will walk away with Powerful Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Positive Change

*Please give me an little explanation of what to expect and will I be able to do it alone at home after I go back to my real life?

energy vampires

Question #3


During the retreat we will discover what are my personal energy vampires! Can you tell me what exactly do you mean by that? 

who can benefit from this retreat?

Question #4


 Why should I go to this retreat and who can benefit from this retreat?

rejuvenate your life!


A Breakdown of the 24 Hours

ARRIVAL — 9 am - 9:30 am

Meet the Vampires — 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Three Energy Draining Habits You Need to Shed

Lay Them to Rest — 10:45 am - 11:45 am

  • Calm the Body
  • Focus the Mind
  • Guided Relaxation Session


Rise and Shine in Your Life — 11:45 am - 1:15 pm

Walking and Eating Meditation to Devil’s Rock  (meal provided by Café Meteor Bistro) 

Wake Up the New, Original You — 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Wild Mind Writing

Gather and Store Earth’s Energy — 3:30 pm - 5 pm

Three Energy Healing Techniques 

SUPPER AT LE CAFÉ MÉTÉOR — 5:30 pm - 7 pm

Recharge Your Battery — 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Three Techniques that Promote Deep Sleep and Enhance      Mental Clarity


Participants retire to their rooms 


Stretch and Meditate — 8:30 am - 9:15 am

Start the Day With Mindful Movement and Meditation

Revitalize the Real You — 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Create Your Revitalize the Real Me! Action Plan


recharge your batteries

All meals are included in the cost of the retreat. Special price for returning clients.  Returning clients should contact Monique directly, at

Small private group, so limited spaces available .

You can contact Danielle at Harbour View Centre at 705-647-2187 or by clicking the link below. 




"OMG! Thank you so much! This was like a "shock" of insights! So many Aha! moments over the weekend. I've been waiting for this kind of workshop for years now--to be surrounded by like-minded women. I felt totally safe!"  

"I am blessed. I am living in abundance. I thank God for guiding me toward Monique. I love to be in a calm, caring environment. I feel at peace. I feel blessed. I do love my life even if my daughter is not physically with me. I love the practice writing technique. I will dance more often. What a relief! Thank you to Monique and all these women for being themselves and sharing their beauty."  

"Quelle fin de semaine! Prendre soin de moi-même. Apprendre comment l'être humain fonctionne. Apprendre que je peux me calmer en portant mon attention sur ma respiration. Savoir maintenant que je n'ai jamais fini de me pratiquer et de savoir que le bonheur c'est moi."  

"I did not consciously know that I needed this workshop. However, learning how the brain works is helping me understand how I function, and that knowledge allows me to be more understanding and compassionate toward myself. By not judging and berating myself, I can shift into love and curiosity. It's a more gentle and kinder place to be. There, I can heal; there, I can gain insight; there, I can transform. The "doing" in this workshop grounded concepts in my body, providing wonderful benefits. The talk becomes integrated!"  

“This weekend has been totally awesome. I have learned about the many "Minds" and how to work with them. [This workshop] will help me stay emotionally on track by giving me the necessary tools to work with. Bravo to Monique for offering it, and bravo to me for being part of it!"  

"J'ai adoré le temps passé avec le groupe et Monique. Les réflexions profondes et sincères, le partage d'expériences et les moments de calme (avec le corps et l'esprit) permettent de mieux comprendre et de mieux vivre les défis quotidiens....ou de longue date. Je repars avec des outils et des stratégies concrètes et utiles à mon cheminement. Mille mercis. J'ai hâte à la suite des choses!"